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The most common question about how and when your policy renews itself.

Renewals FAQs

Does my policy automatically renew?

Yes as long as you pay the renewal premium it will renew automatically.

Why do my premiums go up when I did not have any accidents or tickets?

The last few years insurance companies have seen a significant increase in frequency & severity with claims. All the carriers have been increasing premiums. We always do our best to re-market policies when we see an increase of 10% or more.

Will you be shopping for better quotes each year?

No we evaluate each policy upon renewal. Most insurance companies want to see a 3 year history with prior carrier so unless your current company has taken significant rate increase expect the policy to stay with the same carrier for 3 years 

Why does the dwelling coverage keep Increasing on my Home Insurance Policy?

Home Insurance Policies with guaranteed replacement cost provisions have inflationary riders that increase the premium at rate of 3%. You can ask to have this removed with some companies but you can jeopardize your replacement coverage provision by doing this.

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