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The most commonly asked Questions about Commercial Claims.

Commercial Claims FAQs

How does my deductible work?

Insurance Companies will settle your claim by giving you a check minus your deductible amount. 


IE: A $10,000 claim with a $500 deductible. 

You receive a final payment of $9500.

Who do I call if i need immediate help to prevent more damage?

We have trusted partners that we recommend for things like fire & water damage restoration. Visit our claims services section to learn more. They will begin protecting and minimizing damage right away.

How do I start my claim?

You can start a claim 2 ways. Call our office to discuss your situation or contact the insurance company directly using their 24-hour reporting hotline. You can find those claim reporting telephone numbers in our claim service section of our website. 

What happens if I lose power to my freezer and I loose all the food I had stored?

Yes this would be covered under your policy. The downside is that it's subjected to your deductible. You would need a significant loss of food for it to be worth reporting a claim.

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