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The Most commonly asked questions about car changes.

Vehicle Change FAQs

If I go to a car dealership and buy a new car will the dealer handle it, or do I still need to call the agency to confirm the purchase and coverages?

Yes, it is common for the dealership to make the changes on your behalf. However we always recommend you call or send a message confirming this transaction is taking place. 

Should I go directly to my insurance company’s website and do my own car changes or coverage changes to my policy instead of calling the agency?

No, We always recommend waiting to the next business day to call or send the office a message. If you are in situation and you need the ID Card immediately send a text to the office and we will do our best to provide the documentation after hours. 

When can I remove collision coverage to save money?

If you have paid off your loan you have to decide if the value of the vehicle is worth paying the premium for the collision coverage.  

Can a car dealer add my car to my policy on the weekend?

Yes. NY State Law gives you 7 days from after the purchase of a vehicle to add it to your current insurance policy. Many times dealers will not release the vehicle without a new Insurance card. (They Don't Know Any Better.) If you have an active policy you are allowed to retro actively ad the vehicle the next business day. 

If  I am adding a vehicle that is titled and registered to my child do I need to get a new policy?

Yes, when titling and registering to anyone other than the Named Insureds the insurance companies requires the vehicles be on separate policy.

Do I need comprehensive and collision coverage on my vehicles? 

If you have loan on your vehicle you must maintain continuous Liability & Collision Coverage on your policy.

Do I need a photo inspection when i get a new vehicle?

If you buy a brand new vehicle from the dealership and they can provide the Bill Of Sale you do not need a photo inspection. If you are adding vehicle that is not older than 7 years you will need to complete a mandatory photo inspection. 

My plates were turned in what do I need to cancel or remove my car from my auto policy?

The DMV will give you an FS-6 Form all you need to do is text us image of that and we will promptly remove your vehicle or cancel your policy.  

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