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Most commonly asked questions about Auto Claims.

Auto Claims FAQs

Can I get my car fixed wherever I want?

Yes you can. We will recommend using registered repair facilities to speed up the claim process but you are certainly free to have your vehicle repaired at the repair facility of your choice. See our Trusted Partner Section of our website to learn more. 

How long after the accident do I have to file a claim?

The Claim reporting period is flexible. We always recommend waiting to you are in safe place and you have let the circumstances of the accident subside. If you didn't realize an damage had occurred to your vehicle and its been a while that's OK, you can still file a claim and it would be covered. 

What if I'm hit in a parking lot?

These can be tricky situations because determining who is at fault can be difficult. We recommend documenting the situation with photos and also take the necessary steps to obtain the other persons insurance information. Its always a good idea to contact the police but this is not always necessary.

My windshield cracked what do I do?

Please contact our office these are very common claims. We have a few preferred vendors we use and this will make the Glass Claim repair process extremely painless. 

What do if I was rear-ended? 

Of course you always can file the claim with your own insurance company. However if you obtain the other persons insurance company and policy number, you will not have to pay your deductible. It's always best at the scene of the accident to gather the other parties insurance information. Ask the other driver for proof of their insurance before the police arrive. We can then guide you through he process to file your claim.

What happens if I hit an animal?

This is considered a comprehensive claim and the deductible may be different from your collision deductible. The good news is these claims typically do not impact your premiums on renewal but could affect any new purchase of insurance in the future. 

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