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What to do if you hit an animal

Each claim needs to filed directly with the insurance company.

No need to worry as long as you have Comprehensive Coverage, which is a mandatory coverage. When you have Collision Coverage on your vehicle you're covered. It is still possible to carry Comprehensive only without Collision, which will again give you coverage for anything other than collision. Check with your agency to be sure you have this coverage. Also note it is common for the Comprehensive deductible to be lower compared to the Collision deductible.

Remember, to start this claim you must call the insurance company directly. Use the Insurance Company Directory to locate your company. Visit our Trusted Partners for recommended repair facilities. These facilities can help arrange your rental car situation as well.

You have some time to file your claim it doesn't have to be done right away take your time get to a safe place and make sure you have 20-30 minutes to go over the details with a claim representative.

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