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The most commonly asked questions about your payments.

Payment FAQs

When will I see my renewal bill/know the cost of my renewal policy?

This is sent by mail 45 days before your renewal date. 

If my policy is in non-pay cancel can I get it reinstated? 

Yes you typically have 15 days from the cancel date but its important to know you will not have coverage during that period.

When will I see my defensive driving discount applied.

How do I know if my renewal will be on auto-pay or if I need to make a manual payment and re-setup automatic payments?

The Billing option is typically the same as the previous policy period.

Is there a grace period for late payments before late fees are applied? Will I be charged a late fee if my payment is late?

These vary by company sometimes we can get them waived but its not guaranteed. 

This is retro-actively applied based on the course completion date. It is usually applied a few days after processed by the office.

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