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The most common questions about your Auto Insurance Coverages.

Auto Coverage FAQs

Does my policy cover a rental car when I am on vacation?

Yes the liability & collision coverage extend to the rental car. Any damage done to a rental vehicle is subjected to your deductible. However we always recommend purchasing the additional rental vehicle coverage offered by the rental company. There is peace of mind knowing you can just hand the keys back with no questions asked.

What Is the right amount of Liability Coverage?

Bodily Injury coverage Protects your assets from anyone who attempts to litigate and attack your assets. The NYS Law minimum coverage required is 25/50. Which means $25,000 Per Person or $50,000 Per Accident in coverage. If your assets exceed $25,000 you can increase this to  250/500. We do not offer state minimum policies. They actually cost customers more, therefore they are higher risk to Insurance Companies.

Whats the Difference between Collision & Comprehensive Coverage?

Is my trailer covered when hooked up to my vehicle?

Collision & Comprehensive coverage pay to repair damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive is  Fire, Theft, Vandalism, Glass Or Hit Animal. Collision is anything other than those specific named coverage's. Both coverage's are subject to a deductible.  Glass claims typically do not have a deductible.

Yes but it only covers liability while in tow. You have to add Collision coverage to the trailer if you want it to be covered for damage from accident. 

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