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Renter Insurance is simple easy and you get it for usually less that $100 per year. Call or text our friendly representative today and let us help you purchase your Renters Insurance today. Rochester NY's leading insurance agency is here to help you protect your personal belonging in case of an unexpected event. Most renters claims are due to the other neighbors who mistakenly cook or burn candles. Don't be left out in the cold because of being displaced by someone else mishaps. Cover your most prized possession Musical Instruments, sporting equipment, computer, clothing ETC... renters insurance does it all. 

Most apartment building and landlords require this insurance make is easy and get the lowest price call today. 


Trovato Associates is based in Rochester and serves the entire Western NY region, as well as the entire state of New York. Give us a call  or Text at 585-563-6553 to learn more or get started! Watch how fast we respond to your needs.

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