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Defensive Driving FAQ's

Save up to 10% on specific coverages on your auto policy

Q: Do all drivers on policy need to take class individually to receive policy discounts? 

A: The discount is applied to the vehicle the individual drives. 

Q: When will I see my defensive driving discount applied?

A: This is retro actively applied based on the course completion date. It is usually applied a few days after processed by the office.

Q: If a new safety driving class was taken (via online), would we get a 10% discount on current policy?

A: Yes once the class is completed you instantly start saving with the discount.

Q: Where can I take the course?

A: You can take the course online or in person at designated classroom facilities.

Q: How long is the defensive driving discount good for?

A: The discount is good for 3 years.

Q: When I take the course online do i have to do all 6 hours at once ?

A: No. You can go at your own pace start and stop where you left off. Its designed to fit into your lifestyle.

Q: Why take this on-line course?

A:  4 Point Reduction on your Driving Record.

A: If you have incurred violations during the 18 month period prior to completing the course, up to four (4) points will automatically be reduced on your driving record. The point reduction could help you avoid a license suspension. NOTE: The point total cannot be reduced below zero. Point reduction can only be credited once every eighteen (18) months. This course cannot be used to reduce future points.


A: 10% Off Your Insurance Premium

When you complete the Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program, you are eligible for a 10% discount on your Collision and Auto Liability insurance premium, including Property Damage (PD), Bodily Injury (BI), and Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Your discount will apply to all vehicles for which you are the principal operator FOR 3 YEARS.

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