Snowmobile Insurance


Even though the days can be short, New York winters can be long.
If you have a snowmobile insurance policy from Trovato Associates, you’re prepared to recover financially from such mishaps—and a whole lot of other ones. Your snowy adventures won’t get cut short because you got the wrong coverage or, worse yet, because you had no protection because you thought your snow machine was covered under your homeowners or auto policy.
We’ve been insuring snowmobile owners for years and we understand how to best protect your sled—whether it’s a stock starter machine or one that’s been modified. Before you rev up your snow machine’s engine for your first ride of the season, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected from any number of risks.
For example, you’ll want good protection for:
• Damage to your snowmobile that results from an accident you or someone in your party is in;
• Injuries you or someone else might sustain as a result of an accident;
• Any damage you might accidentally cause to somebody else’s property while driving your snow machine;
• Situations where someone on another machine injures you but doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your expenses;
• Theft, vandalism, fire and other losses, even while your sled is in storage; and possible options including
• Roadside assistance, safety apparel, optional equipment and trailers.
At Trovato Associates, we’ve been insuring snowmobile owners for years. We work with a number of top insurance companies to find you competitive rates, comprehensive coverage, and more. Our team of local insurance professionals will find the right snowmobile policy for you, your machine, and your passengers.
We may be able to find discounts that reduce your costs even more. For example, if you’re a safe driver, if you’ve successfully completed a snow machine safety course, or even if you’re just a homeowner, you may be able to lower your premium.

Of course, discounts don’t mean much if your insurance company provides bad service. At Trovato Associates, we look at the claims performance of carriers when helping you choose your policy. Plus, we’re right here in town—just a phone call or office visit away. And we’re all about making sure you get the best possible service, period. We treat you exactly the way you want to be treated!
So don’t risk paying for repairs or medical expenses out-of-pocket for years. Fill out our free Connecticut snowmobile quote form today, or contact us for more information at any time.

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