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There’s no shortage of reasons to make sure that you have the right coverage for your motorcycle.  Whether you’re most concerned about keeping things nice and legal on the road, protecting your bike in the event of damage or theft, or ensuring that anyone injured in an accident is protected from a medical standpoint, it just makes good sense to have motorcycle insurance you can depend on.

At Trovato Associates, we’re a favorite among Rochester riders new and experienced when it comes to insuring their bikes, their passengers and their total peace of mind.

  • Affordable motorcycle insurance plans for every type of bike and rider
  • Customize your plan for full-year coverage, 6 months or other timeframes
  • Compassionate, responsive claim services from a team of dedicated agents
  • Offering everything from NY minimum coverage limits to full coverage plans
  • Reduced premiums with safe riding and ongoing MSF course completion
  • Choose from many of today’s leading motorcycle insurance carriers

Get a Free Quote for Motorcycle Insurance in Rochester and WNY

Anyone who rides knows that there’s already enough to worry about while navigating traffic, distracted drivers, animals and an endless barrage of other challenges.  Why stress over your bike’s coverage?  Call Trovato Associates in Rochester today for a fast, free quote on motorcycle insurance.  The process only takes a few minutes and our entire team is here to answer any questions you may have.

You can reach our Rochester NY insurance agency by phone or text at 585-653-6553, or drop us a line through our secure and 100% confidential contact page and we’ll get back to you right away


Trovato Associates is based in Rochester and serves the entire Western NY region, as well as the entire state of New York. Give us a call  or Text at 585-563-6553 to learn more or get started! Watch how fast we respond to your needs.

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