We need to complete a photo inspection of your vehicle(s).  There are 3 convenient ways to complete this process:


***We are trying to determine the effectiveness and clarity of this video so your feedback on the content is greatly appreciated! Please let us know if you find it helpful in completing your photo inspection!***

If your vehicle is older than 7 years old, please disregard this email!

How To Accurately take photos

Front Driver Side Angle

Rear Passenger Angle

Vehicle Identification Sticker

How not to take your pictures


*After inspection is complete please forward the confirmation of inspection to our office or email donna@trovatoassociates.com

Please note: after you complete the required photo inspection, the insurance company may send you an automated e-mail stating that your photo inspection is past due. Please disregard that e-mail.

Thank you for choosing the Trovato Associates for your insurance needs.


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